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Anytime Tincture 1:1 THC/CBD

The Anytime tincture is an 1:1 THC/CBD tincture that can be consumed anytime during the day to provide relief. It’s made with solvent-free MCT oil derived from organic coconuts and sourced from US grown hemp CBD and THC. Each bottle contains 150mg THC and 150mg CBD.
For best results, hold under tongue for 60-90 seconds. 30 servings per bottle (5 MG CBD/5 MG THC per 1mL dose). 

Cheef Crunch & Fruit Bars

♥ 100% Organic
♥ Vegan
♥ Gluten Free
♥ Non GMO
♥ Dairy Free
♥ No Preservatives
♥ Made with 100% Natural Sweeteners
♥ Infused with 100mg Activated THC (Sativa)
100mg Crunch Bars $15
100mg Fruit Bars $15

Cooper’s Capsules

THC – 40 mg each cap

2 pk THC caps – $10.00

10 pk THC caps- $50.00

CBD – 20 mg each cap

2 pk CBD caps – $5.00

10 pk CBD caps- $25.00

Coopers Oral Mist

3.0 ml bottle contains about 60 sprays and now come in High and Low strength. The high strength is approximately 450 MG THC and low is approximately 150 mg . The effects take 10-15 min and can last up to 2hrs.

Remedy + Gummies

300mg Watermelon Rings

15 -20mg pieces

300mg Space Worms

20-15mg pieces

300mg Sugar Free Gummi Buddies (bears)

30-10mg pieces

300mg Lil Sours (sourpatch)

30-10mg pieces

Sensi Chews

Sensi Chews have a chewy, creamy texture, with the rich taste of chocolate and a hint of cannabis.