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House Shatter

$25/gram or 5 for $100

Strawberry Banana


Wedding Cake


Cement Shoes

Gorilla Glue



$15/gram or 5 for $60 for the following:

Golden Ticket

Gorilla Glue

Sour Diesel

Diamond OG

Hash Plant


Blue Dream

Cherry Vortex


$35 per 1/8 of the following:

Cherry Vortex


Hash Plant

Skywalker OG – Terp Sauce

On sale, 4g for $100

Terp Sauce is a concentrate that is made of a sauce like liquid that is high in terpenes. In this liquid resides the thca crystals or diamonds as some call it.

Terp sauce is being heralded as the holy grail of cannabis concentrates. Boasting a perfect blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, terp sauce is the extract that’s making dabbing delicious. 

Sold in 1g containers