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Cooper’s Pure THC Distillate Vape Cartridges

All 0.5 ml cartridges are 2 for $45
All 1.0 ml cartridges are 5 for $200
Mix and Match!
Pure 1.0ml $45
Pure 0.5ml $25 or 2 for $45
XJ-13 0.5 ml $25 or 2 for $45
Super Lemon Haze 0.5ml $25 or 2 for $45
Super Lemon Haze 1.0ml $45
Blue Dream 1.0ml $45

Coopers Oral Mist

3.0 ml bottle contains about 60 sprays and now come in High and Low strength. The high strength is approximately 450 MG THC and low is approximately 150 mg . The effects take 10-15 min and can last up to 2hrs.

High CBD Oil Syringe

This is a pure concentrated Rick Simpson oil that is high CBD. Comes in a 1 gram syringe with a dispensing tip to fill a capsule.

11.86 % THC

65.93% CBD


$15/gram or 5 for $60 for the following:

Golden Ticket

Gorilla Glue

Sour Diesel

Diamond OG

Hash Plant


Blue Dream

Cherry Vortex


$35 per 1/8 of the following:

Cherry Vortex


Hash Plant